Find out the history of “The Little Red Chair”  HERE !

Find out the history of “The Little Red Chair” HERE!

Hi, this is Kaitlynn. Thank you for visiting my website!

Some time ago, a friend introduced me to a couple of macrame magazines by Larry and Linda James and Liz Miller, published in 1989. Having had several years’ experience with crochet, I welcomed the challenge of something a little different. My first chair was an aluminum lawn chair. I chose the Apache Summer pattern with turquoise and gray cord. It was finished just in time for my mother’s birthday — she loved it, and decided that it would make a great birthday present :)

After that, I kept my eyes open for chairs and stools — whatever I could find to macrame. So many people enjoyed and admired my work that I decided to start my own chair business.

When the business first started, I didn’t plan on doing any custom work. But so many people came to me saying that they already had a chair that they wanted me to do, I decided to give it a try. Since then, I have been able to give many family heirlooms new life: Granpa’s old ladderback, Ma Maw’s rocking chair, the chair Daddy used to sit in when he was little, and Pop’s old fishing chair.

I hope you’ll check out the work I’ve done. If you see something you like, let me know. Or, if you have a chair of your own that needs some TLC, I’d be happy to give it a makeover!